1st annual Snowboard Trip! Was it a success or a fail?

January 19th – January 21st 2018

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What started out being only 6 adults and 3 kids that planned on going, ended up being 12 adults and 10 kids. Our very first snowboard trip as a whole family and celebrating my cousins 25th birthday. Being the planner of this whole trip was a bit stressful to tell you the truth, but definitely was worth it in the end even with a set back. However, I’m not sure if snow trips are really in my favor. Our very first snowboard trip with just me and my husband I hit my head while snowboarding, our 2nd trip I was pregnant with my oldest daughter (so I had to watch my husband snowboard the whole time, which was torture), and well the 3rd time (the most recent trip) I left Utah with a sprained ankle. Yup you heard that right…

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First trip of the year- Illinois and a extended vacation surprise?


January 1st, 2018 – January 7th, 2018


Well we started off the new year right, vacation to Illinois, in 2 degree weather!

What started off being a rough night, hours before our flight, ended up turning out good when arriving at the airport and checking in. I know many hate taking red-eye flights, but I personally love them. Why? Well, 1. the airport isn’t busy 2. checking in is a whole lot easier 3. TSA lines are little to no lines, and 4. my kids sleep almost the whole flight, which makes the flight that much easier.

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Day 1 of 365


Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it’s 2018 already?! I’m still in awe over it!Β Do you have any New Year goals? I have many goals of my own in mind and hope to accomplish them all. We’ll just have to wait and see until the end of the year, on how successful that turned out.

Today, being the 1st of January, my husband and kids will be doing our first adventure of the year. We are traveling to Illinois! Why Illinois? Good question, my brother and niece are there. They live about 2 hours away from Chicago, where we will be staying for the next 2 days and then heading back into Chicago for the night.

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Camping- Najavo Lake, Utah

August 2017


For those who know me, know that I love being outdoors! My father raised me loving all outdoor activities, from fishing, all water activities, hiking, etc. Camping was something we always love doing. It’s so fun being with family and just being away from the city life, with NO CELL PHONE ACTIVITY!

This is the second time we visited Najavo Lake, Utah, and loved it! It’s so beautiful and peaceful there. We did do a different campsite this time, because dad joined us (and he brings his whole house with him), so we had to find a site that we were able to park our cars right by our site to make it easier to offload his truck. We did find a great spot (not as better as the year before) and had a great view of the lake, and loved the gorgeous yellow/green field we had, for the kids to play in.

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Cancun, Mexico

July 2017

Oh Cancun, what it took to get to you! Well, it all started a bit rough with a couple of long layovers, and just an all around long travel experience just to get there. Then once we arrived in Mexico, we discovered, our luggage decided to stay back in the states! WHAT! So with all that said, it made it even more rough. But, let me tell you; I didn’t think about our luggages once I saw how amazingly beautiful that water was once we were headed to our hotel. OK, I did think about the luggage once we checked in, and the first thing we all wanted to do was immediately jump into the ocean, but I mean c’mon, look at the pictures! Breathtaking right? So, it was really hard for me to be upset with all this beauty surrounding me. Plus, we made it work until our luggage arrived. Oh, and let me be the first to say, NO THESE PICTURES AREN’T PHOTOSHOPPED OR EDITED! This is straight from my iPhone! Yeah, talk about jaw dropping!

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