Unexpected Trip to Arizona

IMG_7278When planning out a trip, most trips come with good times, laughter, smiles, memories, etc. right? Unfortunately, this trip wasn’t most trips. We received news that my husband’s grandma passed away right before us flying out to go visit her, as she became ill. We had so many mix emotions. Not only was she my husband’s grandma, but she was my kids great grandma. Our original plan was to fly out to Arizona for the funeral, but of course my luck didn’t go as planned…
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Daddy/Daughter Date down the drain…

When is comes to ‘bonding time’ with your kid(s)/grandchildren/or anyone special in your life, do you do anything special to spend time together? My husband and I always like to make sure we do family days, whether if we spend time at the park, eat at a restaurant, do a fun activity, go to the movies, etc. But, we also like to do mommy/daughter dates and daddy/daughter dates. We’ve done these in the past, and our kids really enjoy our special bonding time together. I personally think it’s important to have that individual bonding time with them, so that way you have that connection individually with them.

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Valentine’s Day Surprise..For Him!

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What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? It’s a day that a lot of women/men look forward too, some absolutely hate it, and some just think it’s an ordinary day. For those who loveΒ it, it’s a day where we feel special. Even though we should always be loved and pampered, sometimes are lives do get very hectic and that can’t always happen, which is when Valentine’s Day comes into play. Now most of the time, Valentine’s Day is mostly planned by our men or significant other, but does it always have to be our significant other spoiling and pampering us? I think not.

This year I decided to plan everything myself. My husband has been such a great supporter over the years, and especially within the last couple of months with my decision of leaving my job. So I wanted to make our day extra special.

What did we do? Well I’m sure you know what happened allll night long…

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Weightloss Struggle…

“Know this: You can start over each morning”

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The subject that most overweight people hate talking about. Some hate hearing the stories or “excuses”, some who have accomplished their goals use their accomplishments to help and inspire others, and some are just stuck and need a helping hand or push. At least this is how I see it. Let’s be real, being overweight (like myself) is not easy. However, I know that I’ve done this to myself and only have myself to blame. I’m working to better myself, be healthier, and to lose the weight. I know going into this you have to be mentally prepared for making a change otherwise it will never work. You have to want it. So here I am, mentally prepping myself and ready to make a change.

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