Hello, Manhattan


WELCOME TO NEW YORK!! I swear everytime I talk about New York I always think about that song by Taylor Swift “Welcome to New York”.

New York City… so many things I can say about this beautiful city! Let me first start off by saying, how much this place has changed since I last been here. I could honestly say, years ago I did not like my visit to New York. Now, I was underage when I first visited NY and was with my parents, but there was something about it then, that I did not like. Fast forward to about 15 years later, I’m back and I LOVE it!! Not only did I fall in love with NYC, but I had the best group of girls anyone could ask for by my side!!

The reason why we went to New York is because of my niece. She is a college student there, living the grand life in the city. It was also going to be her 18th birthday. So what better way spending it with all the girls from Vegas!! GIRLS TRIP!

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The first 7 days of braces.. YIKES!


The life of braces…. let me start off by saying that I want to rip them out of my mouth right about now! Yep, I said that! I know, I know.. I’m being over dramatic and it will be so worth it in the end, but c’mon! At times it’s hard to eat, my teeth are sensitive, my cheeks are mad at me, and I hate the fact that food gets stuck in between the brackets and in my teeth; which makes flossing that much more difficult!!!
In case you missed it in my previous blog, Β we went to California to see my aunt (who has her own office there and is a dentist (Carson Dental Care)). Long story short, I thought I was going there for a cleaning and to take care of some cavities, oh and that she did! However, I also walked out of there and driving back home to Vegas with braces too! Something I was not expecting and completely NOT mentally prepared for.

So, I thought I’d track the progress and experience of what it’s like the first 7 days of braces.

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Melia's 4th Spartan!

Does anyone else’s kids love challenge races? My oldest daughter loves it!! I’ve started my kids into these type of races since they were allowed too, which I believe is 3 years of age. Melia, has now completed 4 Spartan races and Avery has completed 2 Spartan Races. They both have also raced in the Terrain Race, which is very similar to the Spartan Race.

We of course made it to the race with minutes to spare. Whoever races in these type of events, know you need at least 30 minutes to be able to get the waiver(s) filled out, pick up your gear, and warm up… luckily we made it just on time.

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Quick trip to California

Redondo Beach Pier

Β Right after attending my husbands grandmother’s funeral, we were literally back home for part of the day, or I should say night, then had to go to California for a quick trip. We love going to California for a quick get-a-way. The beach is there, family, and so many other things to do there for the kids. However, this trip was a little bit different. This time, we went to visit my aunt who is a dentist, which meant cleanings!Β You’re probably thinking, you travel all the way to California just for a cleaning!?! Well, yes! When you have an aunt who is awesome at what she does, then yes, we travel to California just for her to do our teeth and make them pretty and healthy!

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